Frequently Asked Questions

  • Age definition: Age on Last birthday
  • Minimum entry age: 18 years (Adult) and 91 days (Child)
  • Maximum entry age: 60 Years (Adult) and 24 years (Child)
  • Exit age: Lifelong

Room rent is 2% of the Sum Insured i.e for a 5L cover, room rent is Rs.10000/day. This is the maximum amount which the insurance company will pay for the room rent per day. If the cost of the room is greater than the respective room rent limit, then the overall hospitalisation bill will also be charged on prorata as per that & rest would be copay.It is advisable to take the room which will be covered fully through your room rent.

Ambulance coverage per incident is Rs.1000. This can be claimed only in the case the hospitalisation happens. This is not applicable for OPD cases

yes, you can buy a floater cover as well which covers Employee, Spouse & upto 2 Kids. Details of all dependents covered must be shared during the beginning of the policy itself. Dependents can be added in the policy period only in case, if

  • the marriage takes place or
  • the child is born after the start of the policy.

Maximum of 2 children can be covered in the policy. You can share the details of 2 children who need to be covered. You can contact us for exploring separate policy for more children

This policy does not cover parents, please reach out to GoodHealth if you need to buy a separate parental cover.

The tenure of the policy is 1 year, but the payment option is on a monthly basis.

In a family Health Insurance cover, all the covered members put together can claim upto the total sum insured value. For Example: If the Family coverage is Rs. 2L, then anyone in the family or all in the family can in total claim Rs. 2L

Care Health Insurance ( Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance ) covers 541 day care treatments in the insurance, please find the link with the list of the day care treatments here.

Yes, Covid-19 hospitalisation is covered in the Insurance after the initial waiting period of 30 Days from the start of the policy

Below are the waiting periods for different diseases.

  • Accidental Hospitalisation - Covered from Day 1
  • Other Illness including Daycare - Covered after 30 Days
  • Named Ailments & Pre-Existing Diseases - After 1 Year Please find a detailed list here.

yes, insurance can be claimed more than once in a year till the sum assured has been exhausted

No, maternity is not covered in this Health Insurance policy

There is a standard list of Named Ailments for which the waiting period is 1 year, please find the terms on waiting period on named ailments here.

Pre-existing disease is a condition, ailment or injury that already exists at the time of buying a health insurance policy. Conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, lupus, sleep apnea, depression, anxiety & such diseases are considered as pre-existing health conditions. Any hospitalisation due to the same is not covered in the 1st year. These will be covered renewal happens after year 1.
Few Pre-Existing diseases are not covered, please find the list here